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From Cocktail Napkin Sketch To Consummate Miami Resort

Where others saw vast swamp land and mangrove stands, real estate developer Donald Soffer saw a luxury tropical oasis dotted with golf courses, lakes, and timeless Mediterranean architecture - all surrounding an iconic 100-year-old banyan tree. In 1967, he sketched his vision on a cocktail napkin: an ambitious plan to transform hundreds of acres in North Miami Beach into a luxury, planned residential area.

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From Cocktail Napkin Sketch To Consummate Miami Resort

The city of Aventura, Spanish for “adventure”, began with a prestigious country club, 12 miles north of Miami with more of Don Soffer's planned developments rising up around it. Fast-forward 50 years to Turnberry Isle Miami, a world-class resort at the center piece of the vibrant city of Aventura, home to the celebrated Aventura Mall - also developed by the Soffer Family.

Turnberry Isle
Historic Milestones

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The Turnberry Story

Step inside and experience a luxurious South Florida retreat, elegantly appointed with unique touches. Guests often remark that Turnberry Isle feels like staying in a beautiful family home and, in many ways, it is. After selling their interest in Turnberry Isle in the early 1990s, the Soffers bought it back in 2005, kicking off a thoughtful $150 million restoration that included a Ray Floyd-directed renovation of the golf courses.

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Turnberry Today

Today, the Soffer family continues to be intimately involved in every aspect of Turnberry Isle, creating a luxury lifestyle experience that charms a new generation of guests delighted to follow in the footsteps of luminaries like Henry Kissinger, Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, and Madonna, who’ve called Turnberry Isle home.

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